Working Papers and Articles in Progress

  1. Coloniality, Regimes of Disposability and COVID19 on the African Continent (In Progress)
  2. Resisting Regimes of Disposability: Organizing Against Anti-Blackness Across Global-Local Boundaries (In Progress)
  3. Wallerstein on Global Inequality and Economic Stratification: Reconfiguring Modern Development (In Progress for The Anthem Companion to Immanuel Wallerstein. e.d Chamsy el-Ojeili and Patrick Hayden. Wiley.
  4. Rethinking African Underdevelopment in World Historical Perspective (In Progress)
  5. Collective Behavior and Social Movements in Small-Scale Societies (With Christopher Chase-Dunn and Levin E. Welch) (pdf working paper to appear in The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social & Political Movements. Eds.David Snow, Donatella della Porta and Doug McAdam)
  6. The Evolution of Racism and Othering. (In Progress with Christopher Chase-Dunn and Eugene Anderson). Paper Accepted to Special Session at the 113th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. (pdf working paper)
  7. Methods in Structural Globalization. (In Progress with Christopher Chase-Dunn and Hiroko Inuoe). (pdf working paper)
  8. Conceptualizing Global Class Formation In An Era of Precarity.
  9. Beyond the Long Twentieth Century: China in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Changing Dynamics of the World-System. IROWS Working Paper #106.(; Beyond the Long Twentieth Century part 2