Service in community

Member: UCR Disaster Resiliency Network Committee (UCR-DRN), University of California, Riverside (2021 to present)

Member: Activist-Artist In Residence (AAIR) with Community Engagement Center, Committee, Pitzer College (1/1/2022 to 5/1/2022; 2/1/2023 to present)

Member: Scholar Activist Committee of the International Political Economy Section of the International Studies Association (2017 to present).

Member: Black Studies Initiative at UCR; Curriculum Committee Lead (2020 to 2022)

Member: American Sociological Association Race, Gender, Class Section Book Award Committee (2021/2022).

Member: American Sociological Association Sociology of Development Section Book Award Committee (2018/2019 & 2021/2022).

Member: American Sociological Association Political Economy of the World-System Section Book Award Committee (2020/2021).

Co-editor: PEWSNews: Official Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Political Economy of the World-System Section (Coeditor – 2018 to 2021).

Editorial Assistant: Work in Progress Blog (American Sociological Association) (2018/2019).

Co-editor: Trajectories: Official Newsletter of the American Sociological Association’s Comparative Historical Sociology Section (2016 to 2018).

Member: Organizing/Scientific Committee for International Conference on Past, Present and Future Africa-Asia Relations (2017 to 2019).

Copy-editor: Journal of World Systems Research (2016 to present).

Reviewer: Historical Materialism Journal; Journal of World Systems Research; Sociology of Development; Palgrave Communications; International Journal of Comparative Sociology

Conference Panels and Sessions Organized

  • Contending Models of World Order: Hegemony, Tianxia, Global Caliphate and Beyond. Paper Session at the International Studies Association. March 2020. Conference Canceled due to COVID19.
  • Spatio-temporal bounding of whole systemic interpolity systems: the difficult outer edge and other issues. Paper Session International Studies Association. March 2022.
  • Undergraduate Research: Challenging the Structures of Social Inequality Panels A&B. Paper Sessions California Sociological Association. Virtual. November 2021.
  • The “Other”, Global Inequalities, and Race (with Prof. Chase-Dunn). Special Session at the American Sociological Association’s Annual Meeting. August 2018
  • Round-table Session Organizer for the American Sociological Association Section on Political Economy of the World System. August 2017.
  • Chinese Outward Investments in Southeast Asia: Development for Whom? Transformations Where? Association for Asian Studies 2017 Annual Conference. March 2017.
  • Development, Inequality and Hierarchy: Regional and Global Aspects. 41st Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association. Chicago, IL. November 2016.
  • China in the Global South: Perspectives on the Geography of Development. (with Alvin A. Camba) Annual Meeting of American Association of Geographers. San Francisco, CA. April 2016.
  • China and the Global South. (with Alvin A. Camba) Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association. Oakland, CA. March/April 2016.
  • China and the Global South: Perspectives on Development. (with Alvin A. Camba). Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society. Boston, MA. March 2016.